Good news for employees who work in Minneapolis or St. Paul!

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul recently passed Sick/Safe Leave laws that will require employers to provide paid leave for employees.*  The entitlement to leave extends not just to full time employees, but to employees who work at least 80 hours per year in either city. The new law takes effect on July 1, 2017 and requires employers to provide leave to employees to take care of themselves or family members for mental or physical illness; injury; doctors appointments; safety reasons having to do with domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking; or the unexpected closure of your children’s school or a family member’s care facility.

The method of accrual for this leave is essentially the same for each city: 1 hour of sick/safe leave for every 30 hours worked, earned at your regular rate of pay. Employers are required to track the amount of sick/safe time that you accrue and how much you use. If you have not used up your accrued leave in a given year, you may carry it over to the next (although there is no obligation for the employer to pay out unused sick/safe leave upon termination of employment).

Keep in mind that an employer can require you to work 90 days before being able to use the sick/safe leave. Also, if the need to take leave is foreseeable, your employer can require reasonable notice as well as documentation for any leave in excess of 3 consecutive days.

*A Minneapolis employer with 5 or less employees is only required to provide unpaid leave.

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